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KC FSBO Tru Home Value Report

  McCaffree-Short Title Company

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Typically, the more light the better. For interior shots, turn on every light in the house. The only exception would be a very bright natural sunlit room. Even then, an extra lamp turned on usually won't hurt the photo.

In our experience, today's digital cameras take better photographs with the flash set to automatic, but often times you may get a better photo with the flash off. You will need to practice with your camera in different lighting situations to see what works best. If you have a wide angle lens attached, they almost always get in the way of the flash and create an unsightly shadow in the room.

Camera Settings
If you're like most people, you probably don't have a photography background. If you're not comfortable with all the bells and whistles that came with your digital camera, simply shoot in Auto mode. Do try and figure out how to turn the flash off though, so you can compare the difference between shots.

AE (Auto Exposure)
If you're using the "Auto" mode on your camera, the AE (Auto Exposure) will be set to automatic as well. This is the function on the camera that adjusts how much light will be seen and used by the camera. When taking the indoor shots, be sure not to let the camera focus on the exterior if a window is in the background. It makes the room too dark, and is VERY difficult to correct.

Point the camera away from a bright area and press the shutter button HALF way down to lock in the AE, then point the camera back at the area with a window and finish taking the shot.

This will usually blow out the detail in the window, (or make it very light) but make the interior very nice. It takes some practice depending on which camera is being used, as they all use slightly different AE settings. Below is a photo that was taken with the AE set to the window in the background. We color corrected it to make it usable, but the photo would have been even better if it was shot with the AE set to the interior.

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